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The 9 Laws of Health

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The Wellbeing Management Institute is about helping you get well and stay well, and learning how you help your body heal itself naturally. Understand how our environment influences our biological processes and how this works in our body, to help our mind to produce the necessary chemicals for the body to start self-healing. Learn what 3 things you can do now to get on the track of good health fast. Learn why when we don’t satisfy the environmental influences, we fail to give our brain what it needs, often going around in circles for years without getting the results we desire.

Are you concerned about your health and ability to survive COVID-19, or other viral, or bacterial infections or any of the multitude of degenerative disease? Do you want to shed weight naturally, get fitter, have an abundance of energy, live a longer fuller life and actually feel great? Learn how by understanding and using the 9 laws of health.

In May 1991 I experienced a life-threatening illness. Cancer and septicaemia that almost ended my life. I was lucky, my treating doctor was skilled in modern and alternative medicine and showed me what to do to regain my health. I have spent the last 25 years researching how and why I completely recovered without surgery. This lead me to study health science, qualifying as an Environmental Health Practitioner in 2003. During my research, I discovered the nine laws that govern health and why they work for everyone. I am grateful to have helped 100’s of people live healthier and more fulfilling lives as they too have gained an understanding of these 9 laws.

Millions of people are suffering needlessly and die every year, with over half the world’s population living with preventable diseases.

The goal of this book is to impact the lives of over a billion of these people that are currently living with preventable disease.

Stay in touch and after you personally experience this good health from understanding and applying these laws, please share what you learn with others.

“With all the confusion and conflicting information about health, I found the information contained in this book to be so simple.  Thank you Chris for writing this book and sharing it with the world.”              Darryl White

“This is, without question, the most comprehensive book on health I’ve ever gone through.  The book is unique in many different respects.  It is not just based on knowledge; it is actually based on experience
Bob Proctor – Teacher in The Secret and Bestselling Author of You Were Born Rich

This is an easy to read reference book you will want to refer back to throughout your life. 

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