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Not about a typical consultant

I started my working life in electronics engineering, then traveled extensively around Australia and overseas. A life-changing illness in 1991 caused a rethink about the importance of health.  Returning to Sydney in 1992 I joined the Natural Health Society to try to understand how the regenerating forces of the body facilitated my miraculous and complete healing. In 1993 I commenced studies in property and finance, working as a mortgage broker predominantly helping clients invest in property to eliminate personal debt.

I started my first company in 1996, Webmall provided internet and financial services. This gave me the resources to pursue my passion, health, and regeneration of body systems, and I was able to learn how our environments contribute to wellbeing. Seven years after the near-fatal illness and devouring every book I could find on the subject, I commenced health science studies with a major in environmental health at QUT in Brisbane. After gaining this additional knowledge it helped me realise how our environments, both natural and social underpin our wellbeing.

I worked for government for 15 years in various public health roles, in Australian and overseas to provide environmental and public health services. I have consulted with government and non-government stakeholders to improve business practice, corporate and individual public health, and protect the environment ever since.

The Wellbeing Management Institute was founded in 2021 to inform and help people regain their health and for other likeminded professionals to network deliver this information globally. Look out for other titles in this series to help parents help our rising generation with a teenage and children’s edition coming out soon.

“The 9 Laws of Health, really is the Key to Wellbeing Management”.

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